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We’re Joyful

We are a group of people who are full of joy when together and most joyful when are singing together.

We’ve started as accompanying choir of singer Leona Gyongyosi and afterwards we’ve started rehearsing independently. However we’re still cooperating with Leona.


Singing group Joyful was established on Valentine’s Day 2016, but we all sing from childhood. With the exemption of our choirmaster Katchaba there is no other professional singer in the group. When put together, our professions create very colorful and complex mix… We are fully engaged and dedicated to Joyful because we are not pushed by duty, but honest desire.

Repertoire is combined mainly from popular songs. Besides having our own concerts we are also attending a lot of interesting events and not refusing different kinds of cooperation. And so we’ve been singing on birthday parties, christenings, political events, Bethlehem Chapel, train stations, children events… Especially for the youngest ones we can perform some interactive songs. We’re capable of anything! 


In case of an interest of any kind of cooperation do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly have a chat about are mutual ideas and possibilities.



Katchaba: choirmaster

Musical singer, singing teacher

Joyful: Thanks to engagement and talent we have a chance to improve in singing and to learn few things. Strict, righteous and knows very well what she’s doing and how to achieve it.

About herself: I’m a melancholic choleric, who’s trying to live her life as phlegmatic sanguine, so far with no success. Probably will stay Miss till the end of my life, who’s substitute for her own children are offsprings that I teach. Music and everything around it is my love for life, my profession and hobby at the same time. I like healthy life style but I can also be incredibly lazy and I’m not bothered by it at all. I dislike inexorability of time and omnipresent human stupidity. Life motto: Freely think, do and love!!!

What does music/singing mean to you: They mean only one thing: escape to my own fantasy world of unlimited possibilities. 

Daniela: Soprano

Nutrition advisor

Joyful: empathic, joyful, funny and mainly –kitchen goddess

About herself: I’m peaceful and magical person that loves vine, food and singing beyond everything else. Combination of good food and good singing is to me what Nirvana is to a Buddhist.

What does music/singing mean to you: Life philosophy e.g. Tell mi what you sing and I’ll tell you who you are.


Hanka: Soprano

Pediatric radiologist

Joyful: Thorough, hardworking, reliable, gentle (even though she claims otherwise)

About herself: My job keeps me quite occupied, sometimes even working 24 hour shifts, but I like my profession and it fulfills me so it is bearable. In my free time I like sport, traveling and I’m interested in music and culture in general.. I also like everything good – people, humor, food and drinks ☺


Radana: Soprano

Leading position at the Ministry of local development

Joyful: In my job I’m responsible for national strategy for regional development, but that doesn’t say much.

About herself: Well, I’m taking care of regions that are dropping behind, supporting everything that is working and helping people to have better life in Czech Republic and like it. Even in my private life I like to take care of everything around. I’m trying to spread the joy and be cheerful. Singing and people around  me charge me in return. My other drugs, besides singing are my kids, twin girls. And sport, especially badminton and tennis, I’m also trying to train for half marathon run. Everything I do I’m trying to be fully engaged in so I can enjoy it. Usually one activity replaces other and this merry-go-round defies me.

What does music/singing mean to you: Energy drink for better mood. Endorphin starter. Everyday need. No living without music and singing.

Marina: Alto

Journalist/ Joyful chief

Joyful: Energetic, progressive, creative, organizing 

About herself: They say I’m capable of anything. They are right. It’s an advantage but sometime also disadvantage. When I push myself and believe a certain thing, I’ll do maximum to accomplish it. I admit that sometimes this is quite exhausting for the surrounding (and for me too after all), but I don’t give up and I push the vision forward. That’s how the idea of Joyful became reality. ☺ Besides singing I am fulfilled by writing and any creative activity. And of course the main power pushing me forward are my three kids and my husband. Inseparable part of the family is also German shepherd Farlan, cats Burak and Masha and guinea-pig Ferda. I also like nature and yoga. And life itself.


Kristyna: Alto

Guitar teacher

Joyful: calm, friendly, elegant

About herself: Kristyna has a little baby girl and currently isn’t capable to provide the needed information so we’ll try this for her: Former flight attendant, loves traveling, has visited a lot of countries including exotic India. She has little girl Violet and a dog. And one husband ☺

What does music/singing mean to you: We hope that besides job also fun and joy thanks to us.


Eva: Alto 

Joyful: never bring any fun down, willing, devoted, reliable

About herself: Incredible love for the ocean has brought me to study hydrobiology. I’m an epicure, I love good food (especially meat) and of course music. I’ve been doing choir singing since childhood, with several years of break. Former occupation did not allow me to attend rehearsals. So I quit not that long ago and got back to a lot of things that I like, including singing. In Joyful I’ve found a great group of people that I can share my enthusiasm for singing. Solo singing is not for me, I wouldn’t enjoy it at all.

What does music/singing mean to you: Singing and music means emotion and harmony and choir singing is joy.


Anezka: Alto

Gym teacher, trainer

Joyful: faster that the wind, action, talented in many ways

About herself: According to her mom (Stana – Tenor) she’s uncatchable. And it fits, she is very quick. Even in addressing she’s brief but accurate. And so instead of long speeches about herself she just wrote: Biggest loves – sport and music ☺

What does music/singing mean to you: Great joy and energy


Zuzka: Alto


Joyful: loyal, responsible, sincere, honest

About herself: I’ve got doctorate degree on Czech Technical University, Faculty of transportation and nowadays I’m working in Prazska energetika company. I like to travel, ski, bake sweets, I into working with energies and massages, I admire architecture and art. I don’t have much time for hobbies because right now I’m fully occupied by my little energetic son. I’ve been singing in choir again from 2016 after several year of pause.

What does music/singing mean to you: Singing gives me energy when I feel completely exhausted and can’t go on.


Stana: Tenor

Museum curator

Joyful: devoted, friendly, caring, protecting

About herself: I have a big family, my four kids are playing on different instruments, have a band and that brings me great joy. With one of my daughters (Anezka) I’m singing in Joyful, with 2nd daughter and my son we perform in dixieland band. I’m playing piano since childhood myself and sing in choir. Music was companying me all my life.

What does music/singing mean to you: For me it’s mainly joy. When I wake up in the morning and won’t hear any music, I’ll be probably dead… My head is a jukebox!


David: Bass


Joyful: Adventurer, perfectionist, tireless passionate critic

About himself: After the studies on Czech Technical University and work in few Czech and foreign companies I came back to academic grounds and I’m working at electro technical faculty of CTU, where pursue and teach science. I like active life style, adventure, various challenges ale I also know how to enjoy moments when I stop and do nothing.

What does music/singing mean to you: Music along with sports –acroyoga and slackline – are my support and meditation at the same time. I can’t imagine my life without melody, harmony and rhythm. I’m attending choirs for 15 years now (besides joyful also Post Scriptum).

Jarda: Bass

Taxi driver

Joyful: straight forward, team player

About himself: I graduated as butcher but not practicing this profession. I have twin girls. My hobbies are singing and sport, especially Formula 1 and football.

What does music/singing mean to you: Singing means more football to me.. That says it all.


Milan: Bass

Probably could sell rain too but now sells paper.

Joyful: Very open and friendly. Joined Joyful recently and it’s a good match.

About himself: Extrovert introvert that likes to overcome his fears. Man with sense of justice. Overgrown kid, that loves having fun, loves nature and everything living. Optimist, that falls into depressions sometimes when he sees how humanity is behaving to this beautiful planet. In free time besides singing I’m discovering the beauties of new circus. I have visions but because of my epicure lifestyle it sometimes takes me longer to fulfill them. I take this incarnation as big opportunity to grow and bloom..  Just not to procrastinate.

What does music/singing mean to you: Music is my big love. In grammar school I’ve played accordion, occasionally attended my first choir in highschool, but 10 years later I’ve realized that singing is really what’s fulfilling me and gives me joy in times when I’m not doing so good. This godly activity can bring me up from the bottom and gives mi the feeling that my life has a purpose. Joyful entered my life in the right time.


Contact: Marina 777 80 80 68/

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